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Data set: Tri-cobalt tetraoxide (Co3O4) (00.00.001)

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Tri-cobalt tetraoxide (Co3O4); mining, beneficiation, primary extraction, refining, transport; production mix, at plant; 73% cobalt
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CAS 1308-06-1
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The data set represents a [FOR AGG PROCESSES, PLEASE WRITE "cradle to gate", FOR P-AGG, PLEASE WRITE "partly aggregated cradle to gate"] inventory. It can be used to characterise the supply chain situation of the respective commodity in a representative manner. Combination with individual unit processes using this commodity enables the generation of user-specific (product) LCAs.
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This study assesses the cradle-to-gate impacts of the production of cobalt products based on a global production and technology mix. The study considers surface and underground mining of both sulphidic and lateritic ore as well as both pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processing routes. To ensure the technological representativeness production data were gathered from the Cobalt Institute’s participating members and non-members.
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  • Allocation - market value
  • Allocation - exergetic content
  • Allocation - net calorific value
  • Allocation - mass
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    • Overall quality: Good - 2.0
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    • Precision: Good - 2.0
    • Completeness: Good - 2.0
    • Geographical representativeness: Good - 2.0
    • Time representativeness: Very good - 1.0
    • Technological representativeness: Very good - 1.0
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Sphera Solutions GmbH
Technical purpose
Intermediate and refined cobalt materials are used in various sectors and applications such as batteries, catalysts, magnets, nickel alloys, pigments, tool materials and others.
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  • GHG Protocol Product Standard (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ILCD Data Network - Entry-level (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14025 Ecolabels (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14046 Water Footprint (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint and ISO 14068 Carbon Footprint of Companies (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • ISO 14072 Organizational LCA (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
  • Sphera LCA Databases Modelling Principles (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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