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Elementary Flow data set overview page

Data set: acid (as H+) (03.00.000)

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Elementary flow
acid (as H+)
Reference Flow Property
Mass (kg)
Emissions / Emissions to soil / Emissions to agricultural soil
AC1NSG0V;Atomic hydrogen cation(1+);Atomic hydrogen ion;Atomic hydrogen ion (H+);Atomic hydrogen ion(1+);Atomic hydrogen(1+);H(.);H-atom;Hydrion;Hydrogen (H+);Hydrogen (H1+);Hydrogen atom;Hydrogen atom ion(1+);Hydrogen cation;Hydrogen ion (H+);Hydrogen ion (H1+);Hydrogen ion(1+);Hydrogen(1+) ion;Hydrogen, ion (H1+) electrolytic;hydrogen(.);monohydrogen
CAS Number
EC number
Sum Formula
General comment
Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).