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Elementary Flow data set overview page

Data set: acetic acid (03.00.004)

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Elementary flow
acetic acid
Reference Flow Property
Mass (kg)
Emissions / Emissions to water / Emissions to sea water
10.Methanecarboxylic acid;AC1L18NC;AC1Q2BPJ;ACETIC ACID, GLACIAL, ACS;ACY;AKOS000268789;Acetasol;Acetasol (TN);Acetic acid glacial;Acetic acid, diluted;Acetic acid, glacial;Acetic acid, propionic acid distillate;Aci-jel;Acid Glacial, Acetic;Acid, Acetic;Acid, Glacial Acetic;Acide acetique;Acido acetico;Azijnzuur;CBM;CH3-COOH;Carboxylic acids, C2-3;Carboxymethyl Group;Cellulose, diacetate;Essigsaeure;Ethanoic acid monomer;Ethylic acid;Glacial acetic acid;Glacial, Acetic Acid;HOAc;Kyselina octova;MO 08470;Methanecarboxylic acid;Octowy kwas;Orlex;Otic Domeboro;Pyroligneous acid;Sodium acetate, anhydrous or trihydrate;Vinegar;Vinegar acid;Volsol;Vosol;acetate;cellulose diacetate;ethanoic acid;ethoic acid;nchembio.198-comp16
CAS Number
EC number
Sum Formula
General comment
Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).