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Source Data set: Rosenbaum et al. (2008) (en)
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Short name Rosenbaum et al. (2008)
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  • ILCD: Publications and communications
Source citation Rosenbaum, R.K., Bachmann, T.M., Gold, L.S., Huijbregts, A.J., Jolliet, O., Juraske, R., Koehler, A., Larsen, H.F., MacLeod, M., Margni, M., McKone, T.E., Payet, J., Schuhmacher, M., Van de Meent, D., Hauschild, M.Z., 2008, USEtox´┐Żthe UNEP-SETAC toxicity model: recommended characterisation factors for human toxicity and freshwater ecotoxicity in life cycle impact assessment. Int J Life Cycle Assess 13 (7): 532-546
Publication type Article in periodical
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Time stamp (last saved) 2010-09-05T16:00:23.312+02:00
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UUID a8527c6b-66e6-4ddd-8514-a809a2c2e67e
Data set version 03.00.003
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