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Elementary Flow Data set: water (en)
Data set information
Name water
Synonyms 3H-Water;8O;AB1004056;AC1L1AF5;AC1L4MKB;AC1Q55HR;AC1Q55HS;AC1Q55HT;AC1Q55HU;Aqua Purificata;BOUND OXYGEN;BOUND WATER;C C(KO;CPD-12377;DEUTERIUM OXIDE- D;DEUTERIUM OXIDE- D;DHMO;DIS;DISORDERED SOLVENT;Deionized water;Dihydrogen Monoxide;Dihydrogen oxide;Distilled water;E-Toxate(TM) Water;GLUCOSE 4-O4 GROUP;GTE;H2O;HOH;HYD;HYDROXY GROUP;Heavy water;Ice;OXO;OXO GROUP;Oxide, Hydrogen;Purified water;QTR;Sterile water;Sterile water (TN);Tritiated water (HTO);Tritiated water, mono-;UNKNOWN;WATER, For PCR Applications;Wasser;Water (JP15/USP);Water vapor;Water, deuterium-depleted;Water, heavy;Water, purified;Water, purified (JP15/USP);Water-16O;Water-d2;XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-;[OH2];acqua;agua;aqua;dihydridooxygen;eau;ethers;hydrogen hydroxide
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  • ILCD: Resources / Resources from water / Renewable material resources from water
CAS Number 7732-18-5
General comment Flow to be removed in next update, as too unspecific. Please differentiate whether freshwater or seawater. Note: to model water scarcity, please use one of the "freshwater, ..." elementary flows, differentiated by scarcity level or country. Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Reference Flow Property
LCI method
Type of flow Elementary flow
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Fully compliant
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Time stamp (last saved) 2012-01-12T15:51:49.016+01:00
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UUID 419682fe-60fb-4b43-be89-bf2824b51104
Data set version 00.00.002
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1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 %