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Elementary Flow Data set: quartz sand (en)
Data set information
Name quartz sand
Synonyms (SiO2)n;43-63C;AB1002546;AC1L2NBM;AC1Q5B87;AC1Q5B88;AF-SO 25R;Accusand;Acticel;Admafine SO 25H;Admafine SO 25R;Admafine SO 32H;Admafine SO-C 2;Admafine SO-C 3;Aerogel 200;Aerosil;Aerosil 300;Aerosil 380;Aerosil A 300;Aerosil E 300;Aerosil K 7;Aerosil M-300;Aerosil bs-50;Aerosil-degussa;Agate;Agate (SiO2);Amethyst;Amorphous quartz;Amorphous silica;Amorphous silica dust;Amorphous silica gel;Amorphous silica: Pyrogenic (fumed);Amorphous silica: Vitreous silica, quartz glass, fused silica;Aquafil;As 1 (silica);BF 100;Beads based on silicium dioxide, microsize;Borsil P;CAB-O-SIL N-70TS;CI 7811;CP-SilicaPLOT;CRS 1102RD8;Cab-O-grip II;Cab-O-sil;Cab-O-sil(R) M-5;Cab-O-sperse;Cab-o-sil M-5;Cabosil M-5;Cabosil N 5;Cabosil st-1;Calcined diatomaceous earth;Calcined diatomite;Carplex;Carplex 30;Carplex 80;Cataloid;Celite 500 fine;Celite 501;Celite 503;Celite 512 medium;Celite 535 coarse;Celite 545 AW coarse;Celite 545 coarse;Celite 560 coarse;Celite 577 fine;Celite Filter Cel;Celite superfloss;Celite(R) 500 fine;Celite(R) 501;Celite(R) 503;Celite(R) 512 medium;Celite(R) 535 coarse;Celite(R) 545 AW;Celite(R) 545 AW coarse;Celite(R) 545 coarse;Celite(R) 560 coarse;Celite(R) 577 fine;Celite(R) Filter Aid;Celite(R) Filter Cel;Celite(R), acid-washed;Chalcedony;Cherts;Christensenite;Chromosorb(R) G/AW-DMCS;Chromosorb(R) W/AW;Chromosorb(R) W/AW-DMCS;Colloidal silicon dioxide;Corasil II;Corning 7940;Cristobalite;Cristobalite (SiO2);Cristobalite [Silica, crystalline];Cristobalite asbestos;Cristobalite dust;Cryptocrystalline quartz;Crystalline silica;Crystallized silicon dioxide;Crystoballite;Crysvarl;D & D;DQ12;Denka F 90;Denka FB 30;Denka FB 44;Denka FB 74;Denka FS 30;Diatomaceous earth;Diatomaceous earth non-washed;Diatomaceous earth, calcined;Diatomaceous silica;Diatomite;Dicalite;Dimethyl siloxanes and silicones;Dioxide, Silicon;Dioxosilane;Dri-Die;Dri-Die insecticide 67;Drying agent free of metal salts;Drying agent silica gel PS;Drying pearls Orange (heavy metal free);ED-C (silica);EF 10;ENT 25,550;EQ 912;Elsil 100;Elsil BF 100;Extrusil;F 125 (silica);F 160 (silica);F 44;F 44 (filler);FB 20 (silica);FB 5 (silica);FS 74;Filter agent;Flint;Flintshot;Fossil flour;Fumed silica, crystalline-free;Fumed synthetic amorphous silica;Fused quartz;Fused silica;Fuselex;Fuselex RD 120;Fuselex RD 40-60;Fuselex ZA 30;GP 11I;GP 7I;Glass;Glass spheres;Glass wool for laboratory use;Gold bond R;HI-Sil;HK 400;Hydrated Silica;Hydrophobic silica 2482;Hyflo Super Cel medium;Hyflo Super Cel(R) medium;ICN Silica 63-100, 100 A;ICN Silica 63-200, 100 A;IN3199;Imsil;Infusorial earth;KIESELGUHR;Kieselsaeureanhydrid;LUDOX(R) AM-30 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) AS-30 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) AS-40 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) CL colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) CL-X colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) HS-30 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) HS-40 collodial silica;LUDOX(R) LS colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) SM-30 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) TM-40 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) TM-50 colloidal silica;LUDOX(R) TMA colloidal silica;Ludox;Ludox hs 40;MIN-U-sil alpha quartz;MP SILICA;MP SILICA BioRP C18;MP SILICA BioRP C8;MP SILICA F-TLC;MP SILICA G-TLC;MP SILICA GF-TLC;MP SILICA SCC;MP SILICA, Active;MP SILITECH;MP Silica 100-200, active 60 A;MP Silica DCC;MR 84;Manosil vn 3;Metacristobalite;Micro particles based on silicium dioxide;Microcrystalline quartz;Min-U-Sil;N1030;Nalcast;Nalco 1050;Nalcoag;Nalfloc N 1050;Neosil;Neosyl;Novaculite;Nyacol;Nyacol 1430;Nyacol 830;Onyx;Opal;Optocil;Optocil (quartz);Pigment White 27;Porasil;Positive sol 130M;Positive sol 232;Pyrogenic colloidal silica;QG 100;QUARTZ (SIO2);Quartz;Quartz [Silica, crystalline];Quartz dust;Quartz glass;Quartz silica;Quarzsand;Quazo puro;Quso 51;Quso G 30;Quso G-32;Quso G32;RD 120;RD 8;Rancosil;Rock crystal;Rose quartz;S-Col;S0821;S0822;SF 35;SILICA, VITREOUS;SILICON DIOXIDE;SYTON(R) HT-50;Sand;Sand, white quartz;Santocel;Sg-67;SiO2;Sibelite M 3000;Sibelite M 4000;Sibelite M 6000;Sicron F 300;Siderite (SiO2);Sikron F 100;Sil-Co-Sil;Silane, dioxo-;Silanox 101;Silica;Silica (SiO2);Silica 2482, hydrophobic;Silica dust;Silica flour (powdered crystalline silica);Silica gel;Silica gel 60 ADAMANT(TM) on TLC plates;Silica gel PS drying agent;Silica gel Rubin;Silica gel orange;Silica gel spherical;Silica particles;Silica preparation;Silica slurry;Silica vitreous;Silica, amorphous;Silica, amorphous fused;Silica, amorphous, fumed;Silica, amorphous, fumed, cryst.-free;Silica, amorphous, fused;Silica, crystalline - cristobalite;Silica, crystalline - fused;Silica, crystalline - quartz;Silica, crystalline - tridymite;Silica, crystalline quartz;Silica, crystalline tridymite;Silica, crystalline, quartz;Silica, crystalline: cristobalite;Silica, crystalline: quartz;Silica, crystalline: tridymite;Silica, fumed;Silica, fused;Silica, fused [Silica, amorphous];Silica, fused, respirable dust;Silica, mesostructured;Siliceous earth;Siliceous earth, purified;Siliceous earth, purified (NF);Silicic anhydride;Silicium dioxide beads;Silicon dioxide (NF);Silicon dioxide (amorphous);Silicon dioxide (vitreous);Silicon dioxide amorphous;Silicon dioxide, chemically prepared;Silicon dioxide, colloidal;Silicon dioxide, colloidal (NF);Silicon dioxide, fumed;Silicon oxide;Silicon oxide, di- (sand);Silicon(IV) oxide;Silicondioxidehydrate;Silicone dioxide;Silikil;Silikill;Siliziumdioxid;Sillikolloid;Siloxid;Siltex;Silver bond B;Sipernat;Snowit;Snowtex 30;Snowtex O;Spectrosil;Superfloss;Suprasil;Suprasil W;Synthetic amorphous silica;Synthetic amorphous silica, fumed;Syton 2X;TGL 16319;Tiger-eye;Tokusil TPLM;Tridimite;Tridymite;Tridymite (SiO2);Tridymite 118;Tridymite [Silica, crystalline];Tridymite dust;U 333;Ultrasil VH 3;Ultrasil VN 3;Vitasil 220;Vitreosil IR;Vitreous quartz;Vitreous silica;Vitrified silica;Vulkasil;Vulkasil S;W 006;W 12 (Filler);WGL 300;Wessalon;White carbon;Y 40;Zeofree 80;Zipax;Zorbax sil;[SiO2];alpha-Cristobalite;alpha-Crystobalite;alpha-Quartz;white carbon
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  • ILCD: Resources / Resources from ground / Non-renewable material resources from ground
CAS Number 14808-60-7
General comment Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
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Type of flow Elementary flow
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Fully compliant
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Data set version 03.00.004
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