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Elementary Flow Data set: calcium carbonate (en)
Data set information
Name calcium carbonate
Synonyms AB1002931;AC1L1UIN;AC1LANJ1;AC1Q1RL8;AX 363;Aeromatt;Agricultural limestone;Agstone;Akadama;Albacar;Albacar 5970;Albafil;Albaglos;Albaglos SF;Allied whiting;Aragonite;Atomit;Atomite;BF 200;BRT 1500;BRT 30;BS 32;Bell mine pulverized limestone;Brilliant 15;Brilliant 1500;Brilliant BR 15;Britomya M;Britomya S;C.I. 77220;C.I. Pigment White 18;CALCIUM CARBONATE, ACS;CCC G-white;CCC No.AA oolitic;CCW;CI 77220;CaCO3;Cal-Light SA;Cal-Sup;Cal-sup (TN);Calcene CO;Calcene NC;Calcene TM;Calcicoll;Calcidar 40;Calcilit 100;Calcilit 8;Calcite;Calcite (Ca(Co3));Calcitrel;Calcium Milk;Calcium carbonate (1:1);Calcium carbonate slurry;Calcium carbonate, precipitated;Calcium carbonate, precipitated (JAN);Calcium monocarbonate;Calciumcarbonat;Calibrite;Calmos;Calmote;Calofil A 4;Calofil B 1;Calofil E 2;Calofor U 50;Calofort S;Calofort T;Calofort U;Calopake F;Calopake FS;Calopake H;Calopake PC;Calopake high opacity;Calseeds;Caltec;Caltrate;Calwhite;Camel-carb;Camel-tex;Camel-wite;Carbital 90;Carbium;Carbium MM;Carbonate, Calcium;Carbonic Acid Calcium Salt;Carbonic acid calcium salt (1:1);Carbonic acid, calcium salt (1:1);Carborex 2;Carusis P;Chalk;Chemcarb;Chooz;Clefnon;Crystic prefil S;Dacote;Di-Gel Tablets;Domolite;Duramite;Durcal 10;Durcal 2NH;Durcal 40;Durcal C 640305;EGRI M 5;Eskalon 100;Eskalon 1500;Eskalon 200;Eskalon 400;Eskalon 800;Filtex White Base;Franklin;Garolite SA;Gilder's whiting;Ground limestone;Hakuenka CC;Hakuenka CCR;Hakuenka DD;Hakuenka O;Hakuenka PX;Hakuenka PZ;Hakuenka R 06;Hakuenka T-DD;Homocal D;Hydrocarb;Hydrocarb 60;Hydrocarb 65;K 250;KD 100;KS 1300;KS 1500;KS 1800;KS 2100;KS 500;KULU 40;Kalziumkarbonat;Kotamite;Kredafil 150 Extra;Kredafil RM 5;Levigated chalk;Limestone;Lithograpic stone;MC-T;MSK-C;MSK-G;MSK-K;MSK-P;MSK-PO;MSK-V;Marble;Marble dust;Marble white;Marblewhite 325;Marfil;Microcarb;Micromic CR 16;Micromya;Microwhite 25;Milk of Calcium;Monocalcium carbonate;Multifex MM;Multiflex MM;Multiflex SC;Mylanta soothing lozenges;N 34;N 43;NCC 45;NCC-P;NS;NS 100;NS 200;NS 2500;NS 400;Natural calcium carbonate;Neoanticid;Neolite F;Neolite SP;Neolite TPS;Non-Fer-Al;P-Lite 500;P-Lite 700;Pigment white 18;Portland stone;Precipitated calcium carbonate;Precipitated chalk;R Jutan;Slaker rejects;Snowflake PE;Sohnhofen stone;T 130-2500;Tums;Tylenol Headache Plus;Vaterite;calcium trioxidocarbonate;carbonate de calcium;carbonato de calcio;kohlensaurer Kalk
Class name : Hierarchy level
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  • ILCD: Resources / Resources from ground / Non-renewable material resources from ground
CAS Number 000471-34-1
General comment Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Reference Flow Property
LCI method
Type of flow Elementary flow
Compliance Declarations
Compliance system name
Approval of overall compliance
Fully compliant
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Time stamp (last saved) 2012-01-12T15:51:24.401+01:00
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UUID 08a91e70-3ddc-11dd-923a-0050c2490048
Data set version 03.00.000
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1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 %